Jazz Saxophone Flute Piano Composition; Macromedia University Freiburg (Bachelor Programm, Professor for Popular Music) ; Manhattan School of Music NYC (Doctor of Musical Arts  and Masters )




New York City based jazz artist Chris Torkewitz

Saxophone | Flute | Piano | Composition


“Christian Torkewitz is a melodic
improvisor, building some of his solos off
the themes and coming up with
a steady string of rewarding ideas.”
(Scott Yanow — Los Angeles Jazz Scene)


“The Sugar Hill Trio consists of Christian Torkewitz on tenor and flute, Austin Walker on drums and either Leon Boykins or Dylan Shamat on bass. Torkewitz has an affinity to the tone of John Coltrane, and uses it well with the looping bass on the driving ‘The Night Has A Thousand Eyes’ and driving ‘Spiral.’ The rhythm team is peppy on the original ‘Handles’ and laconic on ‘Ask Me Now.’ Torkewiz’s flute is moody on his own ‘Sunbeams’ and nimble with the snappy drums on ‘The Drive’ while the whole team bops well on ‘Minority.’ Lots of energy emitted here.”
(George w. Harris — Jazzweekly.com)

“The youthful energy of young jazzbos trying to recapture the free jazz groove on classic tunes recorded basically in a pair of sessions—just like the old days. Bristling with vigor, these four cats hit hard and take you right back to the smoky basement club where after hours never ends. Smoky stuff that just drips hipster—in a good way.”
(Chris Spector — Midwestrecord)



Jazz Saxophone | Flute | Piano | Composition

“Chris Torkewitz’ improvisation is a ‘thematic marvel that weaves a harmonically rich tale’ and his flute soloing, according to Jazz Times writer Scott Albin is a ‘masterful combination of sparkling technique and swinging eloquence.’ Firmly rooted in the traditions of Western music and home-based in modern jazz, Mr. Torkewitz took up studies in Cuba at the age of 18. Re-settling to NYC in 2007 and being a part of the scene enabled him to merge his prior influences and to find his voice. He draws inspirations from the contemporary NYC jazz scene, Afro-Cuban rhythm culture, and European music traditions. In 2013, Torkewitz established his NYC-based jazz orchestra and the chamber project “Vista”, showcasing his large ensemble compositions. He shared the stage and recorded with many renowned world-class artists and holds Doctor of Musical Arts and Masters degrees from Manhattan School of Music NYC  in performance and composition.”
Chris Torkewitz: jazz saxophone, flute, piano and composition. Chris has Doctor of Musical Arts and Masters degrees from Manhattan School of Music NYC. He teaches popular music (Bachelor) at the Macromedia University Freiburg.

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